Clinical Resources

Vascular Access

Arterial Line Insertion (VIDEO)

My personal favorite radial arterial line video. Barry Bloom MD - Full explanation of the whole procedure & tips to maximize success in insertion of the catheter (without use of guidewire)

Placement of Arterial Line (VIDEO)

NEJM YouTube Video. Review of Allen test, contraindications, set up and placement.

US Guided & Over the Needle Arterial Line Techniques (VIDEO)

VIDEO - UCSF Dept. of Anesthesia YouTube video. Review of ultrasound technique and over the needle technique.

Placing Arterial Lines Like a Pro (VIDEO)

Behind the Knife - Surgery Podcast. Review of equipment, set up, arterial line placement (femoral & radial) and transducer set up.

Arterial Line Placement

Written and video explanation of radial and femoral arterial line placement by Taming the SRU.

Peripheral IV Placement - 10 Tips (VIDEO)

Paramedic instructor Ingrid shares 10 practical tips on how start an IV and not just hit your vein but catheterize every time.

Central Line Insertion

Oxford Medical Education. Written description of indications, necessary equipment, patient preparation and insertion of CVC with accompanying video.

Internal Jugular Central Line

Written explanation of IJ central venous catheter insertion. Review of indications, contraindications, risks, anatomy and insertion. Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Central Line Placement

StatPearls. Written explanation of anatomy, indications, contraindications, equipment and insertion technique.

How to Place a Central Line (VIDEO)

Great YouTube video of step-by-step central line insertion. Dr. Arzoo Sadiqi.

Easy Central Line Placement (VIDEO)

Behind the Knife - Surgery Podcast. Review of positioning, landmarks, equipment, IJ/Subclavian/Femoral techniques.

Central Line Internal Jugular (VIDEO)

Right IJ central line placement. Great review of the landmark technique. PainH8er YouTube channel.

Operating Room Setup

Anesthesia Operating Room Setup (VIDEO)

How to setup the operating room for a basic anesthetic. Anesthesia101 - YouTube

Preparing An OR For Your First Day Of Clinical (VIDEO)

Full tutorial on how to set up your room for clinical. Courtesy of Anthony Amato - YouTube.

Anesthesia Machine Check & Room Setup (VIDEO)

Great overview of complete room set up from machine check to medications and airway. Nice video from OU SRNA - YouTube.

Anesthesia Gas Machine

The Anesthesia Gas Machine 2016

U of Detroit Mercy Program in Nurse Anesthesiology. Courtesy of Michael P. Dosch CRNA PhD.

The Anesthesia Machine


Datex- Ohmeda Anesthesia Machine Check (VIDEO)

Machine check courtesy of Ashley Balitaan SRNA at Old Dominion University.

Anesthesia Machine Check-out Procedure (VIDEO)

Anesthesia Tools- YouTube. Great video of a thorough machine check of the Datex-Ohmeda Aespire.

Anesthesia Machine Lecture (VIDEO)

Thorough overview of all components of the anesthesia machine. Courtesy of the University of Kentucky Department of Anesthesiology - Randall Schell M.D

Anesthesia Machine Review

University of Florida

Anesthesia Machine Check (VIDEO)

Datex- Ohmeda. Courtesy of Anthony Amato

Drager Fabius Machine Check (VIDEO)

Courtesy of Drager Global.


Get Body Smart

Online Examination of Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Teach Me Anatomy

Anatomy video lectures and articles. Free to sign up. Mobile app available.

Inner Body Anatomy

Explore human anatomy, physiology and genetics.

Armando Hasudungan (VIDEOS)

Wonderful animated drawings of anatomy, pathophysiology and body systems. Great YouTube channel.

Regional Anesthesia

NYSORA Regional Anesthesia Techniques

Neuraxial and regional anesthesia anatomy and technique descriptions.

MARAA Book Project

The Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Handbook courtesy of the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management.

UCSF Nerve Atlas

Identify peripheral nerves using ultrasound guidance. Anatomy and nerve identification techniques.

ASRA Regional Anesthesia Resources

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA). Member access only.

Twin Oaks Anesthesia iBook

Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Ultrasound Guidance.
(iBook For purchase)

Block of the Month

Open Anesthesia - featured block of the month. Short video series.


Open Airway

Free open access medical education for airway management. Excellent resource.

Airway Video Library

Airway Cam educational airway management video library.

Airway World

Online knowledge center dedicated to airway management.

Bronchoscopy Simulator's bronchoscopy simulator. Real-time video of the tracheobronchial tree.

Awake Fiberoptic Intubation (VIDEO)

Dr. Michael Bailin demonstrates an awake endotracheal intubation at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Review of Laryngospasm (VIDEO)

This video includes on-line video content from the book Anyone Can Intubate, 5th Edition posted by the author Christine Whitten MD.

High Resolution Upper Airway Anatomy (VIDEO)

This is a tour of the anatomy of the upper airway using a high resolution Olympus video camera

Intubation through an LMA (VIDEO)

Using the LMA to pass an endotracheal tube using a fiberoptic bronchoscope. YouTube - PainH8er

Review of Laryngospasm (VIDEO)

This video includes on-line video content from the book Anyone Can Intubate, 5th Edition posted by the author Christine Whitten MD.

Rapid Sequence Intubation Overview

Dr. Matt DeClerck walks through how to do a rapid sequence intubation. Courtesy of HippoEducation.

Direct Laryngoscopy (VIDEO)

Overview of direct laryngoscopy by Dr. Gallagher's Neighborhood - YouTube.

Malignant Hyperthermia


Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States - official page

MH Algorithm

Printable PDF - intraoperative malignant hyperthermia protocol

Preparing a Machine - preparation of the anesthesia machine for a malignant hyperthermia susuceptible patient.


ECG Library

Life in the Fast Lane's complete ECG education library.

ECG Learning Center

University of Utah - ECG Interpretation and discussion of conduction and rhythm abnormalities.

Open Anesthesia

Great educational site for anesthesia providers. Key word search, TEE/US, subspecialty education and a large encyclopedia of anesthesia topics.

Emergencies - From airway fires to venous air embolism, here is a great list of anesthesia emergencies and appropriate interventions.

Anesthesia Considerations

Considerations for comorbidities and anesthesia specialties, from neuroanesthesia to obstetrics.

Anesthesia Hub - Tools

Anesthesia-related clinical calculators, national guidelines and critical event algorithms.


Wikipedia for anesthesia. In beta phase to launch soon.

How It Works

Get an inside look at how anesthesia equipment actually works, from pulse oximetry to ultrasound basics.

Virtual TEE

Virtual Transesophageal Echocardiography courtesy of Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia.

Thoracic Anesthesia

Article archive for all things thoracic anesthesia.

Acid-Base Balance Tutorials

Everything acid-base related.

Clinical Mathematics for Anesthetists

A collection of mathematical tools useful in anesthesia practice. PDF. Courtesy of Michael P. Dosch CRNA

Anesthesia Key

Large searchable database of anesthesia topics.

Patient Position During Anesthesia

Positioning PowerPoint PDF. Courtesy of David Roy Godden CRNA, MSN at

Case Reports in Anesthesia

Russell MD Blog - Case Reports for a vast range of anesthesia topics.